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CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit Review

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Amazon Price: $238.00 $226.00 You save: $12.00 (5%) (as of September 26, 2023 8:57 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you’re looking for a powerful and affordable CNC router that’ll help you take your projects to the next level, then the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit could be the right fit. This all-in-one kit offers a comprehensive set of features, including high precision engraving capabilities, an intuitive user interface, and three axes of motion so you can create everything from intricate designs to durable parts. In this review, we’ll explore each feature in detail and give our verdict on whether or not it’s worth investing in.

Overview of the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is an excellent tool for those looking to get into the world of metalworking and woodworking. The kit comes with everything you need to build your own mini CNC machine, including a USB port controller, spindle motor, offline controller box, and limit switch. The machine features an impressive working area of 300 x 180 x 45mm that can be extended up to 550 x 350 x 80 mm.

It is equipped with a high-precision spindle motor that runs at 12000 RPM for smooth cuts. Thanks to its strong construction and advanced control system, this router kit is suitable for a wide range of applications such as soft metals (aluminum, copper), light alloys (titanium), plastics (acrylics, polycarbonates), and hardwoods (cedar, oak).

Its easy-to-use control board makes it simple to set up and operate the machine for accurate cuts while its large engraving area allows you to create larger pieces with ease. With its versatile design and powerful performance, the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is an ideal choice for anyone looking to start their journey in woodworking or metalworking.

Advantages of Using the CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is a great option for those looking to get into the world of computer numerical control (CNC) machining. This kit comes with all the necessary components, from motors and controllers to a spindle motor, power supply, and laser module. It has a modular design that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble for storage or transport. Additionally, it comes with an offline controller that allows you to work without being connected to a computer.

One of the biggest advantages of this router kit is its affordability compared to other CNC machines. The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro is an excellent choice for hobbyists or novice machinists who want to get started quickly and at an affordable price. It features high-performance components such as a GRBL control board, including software, 0-1/32″ precision accuracy, and 5500rpm motor speed.

Another benefit of using the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit is its wide range of applications. With its rigid construction, this machine can be used in many industries including woodworking, metalworking, plastic working, PCB engraving and drilling, 3D printing, and much more. Its versatility means that it can be used in professional workshops or around your home workshop for making simple projects like keychains or even complex creations such as furniture pieces or sculptures.

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit offers many features that make it easy to use yet highly effective when creating intricate designs with precision and accuracy. From its modular design which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble for storage or transport; its high-performance components such as a GRBL control board; included software; 0-1/32” precision accuracy;5 500rpm motor speed; wide range of applications including woodworking, metalworking, plastic working, PCB engraving and drilling, 3D printing; and affordability compared to other CNC machines – the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit is the perfect solution for hobbyists or novice machinists looking for quality results without spending large amounts of money on professional grade tools.

Unboxing and Setup Instructions for the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro

Unboxing and setting up the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is very straightforward. The kit includes all the necessary components for a successful setup: an assembly manual, a power adapter, a spindle motor with a clamp, an English user manual, and two sets of 10-pin connectors.

Begin by unboxing the kit and ensuring all components are present. Then, assemble the stepper motors to the control board using the provided 10-pin connectors. Next, connect all boards using both sets of 10-pin connectors, which must be plugged into each other.

Once connected securely, attach the spindle motor clamp to a flat surface such as a desk or table with screws that are included in the kit. Attach additional accessories such as clamps to secure tools or materials needed for your projects.

After everything is assembled, plug in your power adapter and switch it on. Then use your PC or laptop to open control software such as GRBL Controller or Benbox 3 Software which can be downloaded from their respective websites. Finally, adjust settings for speed and accuracy as desired before starting your project with this powerful machine!

Different Applications for the CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is a fantastic tool for woodworking, engraving, 3D printing, and creating intricate shapes and designs. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create amazing projects such as custom furniture, complex sculptures, high-quality crafted gifts, and more. The router kit allows you to customize and modify existing designs or create your unique pieces from scratch.

The CNC 3018 Pro also opens up several possibilities for professionals in the fields of engineering, industrial design, architecture, and product development. With its precision accuracy and repeatability, it can be used to produce specialized parts with intricate details that may not be achievable with traditional manufacturing techniques. The machine can also be used for rapid prototyping to quickly validate conceptual ideas before committing to expensive production processes.

Furthermore, the CNC 3018 Pro is the perfect tool for hobbyists who are looking to explore different materials or techniques without having to invest in overly sophisticated equipment. From woodworking at home to detailed metal engraving projects, this router kit will allow you to experiment freely and develop your own unique skill set. You can even combine different materials such as glass etching onto wood surfaces using the machine’s optional spindle upgrade to create truly one-of-a-kind projects.

With its versatile capabilities and ease of use, the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro Mini Router Kit offers unprecedented potential for both professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether you are looking for professional-grade fabrication or just exploring new techniques in crafting – this machine has something for everyone!

Key Features and Specifications of the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is a powerful and feature-packed machine tool that can help you create precise and detailed craftworks. It has a working area of 300x180x45mm, making it perfect for all kinds of intricate projects. It is equipped with a 500mW laser module, an integrated spindle motor (7000rpm), and 3-axis stepper motors. The adjustable speed from 0 to 1000mm per minute ensures smooth operation.

This machine also boasts an ER11 chuck which allows for accurate tool changes. In addition to this, it has a control board with an offline controller, a USB port & an SD card slot, as well as GRBL 1.1f software which makes for easy operation. Furthermore, the machine operates at 24V DC and is made from aluminum alloy and plastic parts for durability. This kit also includes all the necessary tools and instructions required to get started quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons of Using the CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini Router Kit

CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit Review

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is a powerful tool for makers and hobbyists wanting to create their projects from scratch. This DIY router kit comes with a set of parts that can be easily assembled and used to create a variety of custom designs. For the price, it is a great value in terms of what it offers.


– Easy-to-assemble: The CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary parts to get your projects up and running quickly.

– Affordable: The cost of this kit is much lower than some other more expensive alternatives, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious users.

– Versatility: With this kit, you can create a wide range of designs from simple woodworking projects to complex 3D models and carvings.

– Durability: The materials used in the construction are high quality, ensuring that your projects will last for years to come.

– User-Friendly Interface: The machine has an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training or experience to operate effectively.


– Limited Cutting Area Size: The cutting area size is limited to 300x 180mm, so larger projects may need additional components to complete them.

– Steep Learning Curve: Although the machine is user-friendly, there is still a steep learning curve associated with using one due to its complexity and advanced features.

– Difficult Troubleshooting Process: If something goes wrong with your project, troubleshooting can be difficult without professional help due to the complexity of the components involved in operating the machine correctly.

An in-depth review of performance compared to other similar products

The CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is an innovative product designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professional users alike. The kit features a robust aluminum construction, enabling it to withstand high temperatures and long-term use. The router is capable of cutting through materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, and more with precision and accuracy.

The CNC 3018 Pro has been designed with a built-in spindle motor that can reach speeds up to 8000 RPMs for detailed cutting and engraving tasks. It comes with a 0.25mm precision engraving bit, allowing users to create intricate designs in materials such as glass or ceramic tile. Additionally, the machine comes equipped with three different routers: 0.4mm (roughing), 0.6mm (finishing), and 0.8mm (detail). This provides the user with an array of options for a wide range of projects from 3D printing to creating CNC molds and complex shapes.

The router also includes several safety features such as overload protection, overvoltage protection, and emergency stop buttons for added peace of mind when in operation. In addition, the CNC 3018 Pro includes a comprehensive software package containing powerful 2D drawing tools and 3D modeling tools; making it easy for users to go from the design concept to the finished product quickly and effortlessly.

In comparison with other similar products on the market, like the BobsCNC E3 Router Kit or X-Carve by Inventables, the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro offers superior performance at an affordable price point. Its combination of precision accuracy, speed control capability, and comprehensive software suite makes it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals alike looking for reliable results from their small-scale CNC projects.

  • Maker: Changzhou Rattm Motor Co., Ltd


  • ♞ Upgraded 2-in-1 2-in-1 CNC 3018 PRO with 5500mW Module is an updated version of 3018 Pro, additionally come with offline controller implies No demand to connect to a computer, by hand change the X, Y, Z axis positions as the starting point for inscription, and also manually open and shut the spindle.
  • ♞ Upgrade 3018 Pro with XYZ limitation switches & & E-stop Mini CNC machine little dimension, light weight, USB interface, GRBL control systems, wonderful cnc router machine for beginers; Upgraded machine with emergency situation quit button and XYZ axis limitation switches.
  • ♞ Working location 11.8″” x 7.1″” x 1.8″”; Frame dimension: 16.53″” x13.78″” x 10.63″”; Type: USB Port mini desktop cnc router Spindle 775 spindle motor (12-36V) DC24V:10000 r/min Stepper Motor Nema17 stepper motor,1.3 A, torque 0.25 N.m
  • ♞ System demands Windows XP SP3, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 (32/64 can be) Linux; Can’t sustain Apple/Mac product. ♞ GRBL Software Our parcel consist of a 4G USB flash drive, it consist of the installment directions, user manual and GRBL software application;
  • ♞ Main application Can be engraved plastic, natural leather, acrylic, pvc, pcb, timber and the like product, likewise can work with soft steel like copper, brass, light weight aluminum and various other similar steel products, yet can not carve difficult steel, jade or other really difficult appearance of the things.

Maker Info

  • Part Number: Upgraded-3018-Pro

Final Thoughts on the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit

All in all, the CNCTOPBAOS CNC 3018 Pro DIY Mini CNC Router Kit is a great opportunity to take your engineering skillset and creative endeavors to a whole new level. This reliable, powerful machine gives hobbyists and professionals alike an affordable way to get started with CNC routing–without having to invest heavily in costly tools or resources. Plus, it’s made with top-quality parts that come pre-assembled! So start bringing your ideas to life today and get your CNCTOPBAOS router before they’re gone. Don’t wait–grab yours before this amazing tool is no longer available!

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