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CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit Review

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Amazon Price: $121.00 $109.99 You save: $11.01 (9%) (as of September 26, 2023 8:57 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you’re in the market for a powerful yet affordable CNC milling machine to handle your projects, in this CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit review we show you that this machine is worth considering. This highly customizable, top-of-the-line kit provides users with an easily adjustable frame and a comprehensive range of parts designed specifically for advanced makers. So if you’re looking to take your machining skills to the next level, then read on: we’ll break down what makes this beginner-friendly piece of machinery stand out and offer some tips on how best to use it.

Overview of the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is an advanced, affordable, and user-friendly machine perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. With this kit, you can complete projects ranging from light-duty woodworking to the more complex machining of aluminum and other metals. It has a durable all-metal frame, precision linear rails, stepper motors, and adjustable spindle speed control. The end result is clean cuts with excellent accuracy and repeatability.

The kit includes all necessary parts as well as detailed assembly instructions. It comes with intuitive G-code controller software that makes it easy to start creating projects quickly. The machine has a generous working area of 400 x 330 mm (16″x13”), allowing you to easily work on large projects such as signs and furniture components. Furthermore, the spindle rotation speed can be adjusted from 0 to 24000 rpm allowing for different speeds depending on the material or project at hand.

This kit also includes a strong power supply unit (PSU) capable of delivering steady power even when cutting through thick materials. It comes with two high-speed cooling fans that help keep the temperature down while increasing the performance of the router. Additionally, it has an emergency stop button for added safety when operating the router manually in conjunction with its G-code controller software.

Overall, CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is an excellent choice for hobbyists and professionals looking for a reliable machine that will meet their demands while delivering consistent results every time they use it. Whether you need to create intricate designs or just want a powerful machine that can handle heavy materials, this kit offers everything you need for your next project!

Unboxing and assembling the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit

Unboxing the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is an exciting experience for anyone looking to upgrade their home workshop or studio. This kit includes everything you need to get started on your milling projects, including a powerful precision motor, durable aluminum parts and plates, custom stepper motors, and all the necessary screws, nuts, and washers.

Before beginning assembly, take some time to familiarize yourself with the manual included in the kit. This will provide important instructions and safety guidelines to ensure the safe operation of your machine. Once you’ve read through the manual and have all the necessary tools ready, start by assembling the frame of your machine. Using the provided hardware, securely attach the base plate and side plates using hex head bolts. Ensure that these connections are tight as any looseness could cause vibrations during running that could damage components over time.

Next move on to installing the Z-axis motor mount which will hold your stepper motor in place. Align it so that it’s perfectly parallel with the X-Axis before securing it firmly with screws and nuts in all four corners. After this has been done, install the corresponding stepper motor into its mount followed by a spindle mount directly above it. Make sure that everything is level before tightening down any of these pieces otherwise, they may not work correctly upon startup.

The final step in assembling your new milling machine is to connect power supply cables from both stepper motors as well as ground cables from each component that requires them such as the electronics box or spindle assembly to ensure proper functioning of the device while under load. With this complete you can now finally power up your CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit and enjoy creating amazing projects!

Features and Benefits of the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit

Standard benefits:

– High precision and stability with a frame size of 16×10 inches.

– Easy to assemble and use, with detailed instructions included.

Emotional benefits:

– Feel proud that you built your own machine from scratch.

– Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something unique and beautiful with your own hands.

Key components of the kit and how they work together

The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is a reliable and affordable kit for those looking to get into the world of CNC milling. This comprehensive kit includes all the components you need to begin your project, from the base frame and motors to the stepper drivers and control board. The main components of this kit include:

1. Base Frame – Made from Aluminum alloy material, this frame provides a stable platform for other components and is designed to be strong yet lightweight. It also comes with mounting holes for attaching various accessories such as spindles or clamps.

2. Motors – Powerful Nema 17 stepper motors provide smooth motion at low speeds, making them ideal for precision machining applications such as engraving and cutting stone or wood. The motors are designed with high torque, allowing them to easily move heavier materials without stalling or vibrating excessively.

3. Stepper Drivers – These components receive signals from the control board and convert them into precise steps that move the motor shafts in a coordinated manner. The drivers come in different models depending on how fast they can process commands from the control board; faster speeds allow for more precision when machining complex shapes or surfaces.

4. Control Board – Also known as an Arduino-based controller board, this component is responsible for sending signals to the stepper drivers that make up the CNC machine’s movements. It can be programmed using Arduino programming language, which makes it highly customizable according to user needs or preferences while still being easy enough to understand even for beginners.

All these components work together seamlessly in order to create accurately machined parts with great precision and speed. The base frame provides stability while the powerful motors move heavy materials without any issues, allowing users to complete their projects quickly and efficiently with minimal effort required on their part. The stepper drivers convert electrical signals into precise movements while ensuring consistent accuracy throughout each step of operation, eliminating any unwanted surprises during production runs. Lastly, the control board serves as a “brain” that controls all aspects of operation, allowing users to customize their machines according to specific needs or preferences while maintaining full control over operations at all times.

Pros and Cons of this CNC Router Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is a great choice for those looking to start their own DIY CNC project. This mini-milling machine can be used to create complex shapes and parts with precision and accuracy beyond that of hand-operated tools. While the kit is relatively inexpensive compared to other professional-grade CNC machines, it still has its advantages and disadvantages.


– The CNC Router Kit provides an array of features that make it easy to use for beginners. The kit includes step-by-step instructions for assembling the machine and software guides for operating the machine. It also has an anti-backlash lead screw and adjustable RPM speeds which can be helpful when creating intricate designs or shapes.

– The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is also highly affordable without sacrificing quality or capability. It’s a great option for those on a budget, who are just starting with CNC machining, or who don’t need all of the bells and whistles offered by more expensive models.


– One potential downside may be the lack of higher resolution in terms of accuracy when compared to more expensive machines. Its 0.1mm accuracy may not be enough for certain projects that require greater detail levels such as micro components or medical device production.

– Another potential issue may be its limited working area size – only 16x10cm – which can limit what types of projects you can do with it, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Further, due to various safety reasons, you may not be able to use any tool larger than 3mm in diameter with this router kit without risking injury or damaging the machine itself.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to use the machine correctly

The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is a great tool for anyone, from hobbyists to professional fabricators, who needs precise cuts and fine detailing on their projects. With its high-precision stepper motors and ability to work with different materials, the mini milling machine can help you get the most out of your project. Here’s how to get started with the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit:

1. Unpack the kit and check its contents. Make sure you have all the required components such as end mills, drill bits, collets and nuts, wrenches, etc., before proceeding.

2. Install all the necessary components in the spindle assembly and mount it onto your worktable or platform following the instructions in your user manual.

3. Connect the stepper motors to their respective electronic controllers using cables provided in the kit. You may also need to install additional drivers and other software per your controller’s specifications before you can use it properly.

4. Set up your computer with CAM software that’s compatible with your milling machine like Fusion 360 or Autodesk Inventor HSM Express Edition (which is free). This will allow you to create 3D models of objects that can be cut by the mini milling machine using G-code commands generated by this software program.

5. Choose an appropriate cutting speed for your project based on material type and thickness before starting to cut any objects from your design files created earlier in step 4 above. Begin by testing out various speeds at slow feed rates until you gain more experience with cutting different materials using this machine kit.

6. Inspect all parts thoroughly after each machining operation for accuracy of cuts as well as any potential hazards (such as sharp edges). Always ensure safety during the usage of this mini-mill router kit at all times!

7. Clean off any dust or debris from both sides of machined parts once finished so they are ready for use in whatever application they are intended for next!

Tips for maintenance and troubleshooting common errors with this model

When dealing with the CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit, it’s important to properly maintain the machine and troubleshoot any errors that may arise. Here are some tips for maintenance and troubleshooting common errors with this type of machine:

1. Regularly check the spindle and nuts for signs of wear or damage. Replace worn parts as necessary to ensure optimal performance.

2. Make sure all connections are secure before turning on the machine. Check all cords, cables, and other electrical components for potential problems.

3. Before each use, run a test cycle on the machine to make sure all axes are working properly and no adjustments need to be made.

4. Troubleshoot any errors that arise promptly by inspecting the manual for guidance or contacting customer service if needed.

5. Clean the milling bed regularly using a damp cloth or air compressor to remove any debris or dust build-up that may interfere with its operation.

6. Check your milling tools often to make sure they’re sharpened and aligned correctly for precision cutting results every time you use them.

7. Perform regular maintenance checks such as lubricating moving parts, tightening screws, checking wiring, etc., to keep your CNC router kit running at its best for years to come!

  • Supplier: Changzhou Rattm Motor Co., Ltd


  • Update Version 1610 Pro Mini CNC machine tiny size, lightweight, USB user interface, GRBL control systems, and excellent CNC router machine for beginners; The CNC1610 PRO machine is very easy to set up, steady structure, our parcel likewise consists of English user handbook.
  • Working area 18x10x4.5 centimeters; Frame size: 30x26x25cm; Type: USB port Desktop CNC router System requirements Windows XP, win7, win8, win10; Supporting data: G-code (. nc/. txt/. tape/. gcode)
  • Spindle&& Stepper Motor Diameter 45mm 10000 rpm maximum power 120W; ER11-3.175 mm (can be replaced 0-7mm ); Nema17 42 stepper electric motor 1.3 A/0.3 N.m
  • Main application Can be etched plastic, timber, acrylic, PVC, PCB, and soft steel like copper and aluminum.   This machine can not sculpt hard steel or jade, however.
  • GRBL Software GRBL control (candle); Parcel consist of 1pcs 4G USB flash drive which contains customer handbook & & GRBL software

Supplier Info

  • Part Number: 3018

Final Verdict – Should you buy it or not

The CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit is a great tool for users of all skill levels looking to get into CNC routing. The kit includes everything needed to build a professional-level machine: from the frame and motor to the software and electronics, it’s all included. The kit has been designed for maximum ease of use and customization so that even those without prior experience in CNC machines can quickly assemble it and get started right away.

This DIY kit is perfect for hobbyists, makers, and even professionals looking to increase their production capacity. It provides a great combination of affordability and quality that is hard to beat – the only downside is that its small size means it won’t be suitable for large-scale projects. However, its impressive performance at this price point makes it a great starter model for anyone just getting into CNC router technology.

Overall, in this CNCTOPBAOS DIY Mini 1610 PRO Milling Machine CNC Router Kit review we give this machine two thumbs up as an excellent choice for users of all skill levels looking for an affordable yet powerful device. With its low cost and easy setup process, this kit will help make your dreams of creating beautiful 3D designs come true!

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