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CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit Review

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Amazon Price: $165.00 (as of September 26, 2023 2:49 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Are you looking for a portable, reliable, and feature-rich CNC router that can handle the toughest DIY projects with ease? The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router kit is one of the leading choices on the market when it comes to professional grade quality in a compact, user-friendly package. In this review, we’ll dive deep into why this machine makes an exceptional choice for hobbyists or professionals alike who are interested in achieving precise results every time they use their woodworking routers. Read on to discover why the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro has earned its spot at the top of our list when it comes to both beginner and advanced users!

Overview of the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is a comprehensive and versatile tool for your CNC routing needs. This kit includes everything you need to get started with precision routing, engraving, cutting, and milling projects. With the included components, you can easily assemble a fully functioning CNC router from scratch.

The kit comes with the powerful T8 Lead Screw which allows for quiet operations and precise control over the movements of the machine. It also features an upgraded mainboard with higher performance, as well as improved safety features such as an emergency stop button that allows you to pause or even shut down your project in case of any issues. Additionally, it boasts a full set of accessories including extra stepper drivers, power supply, couplers, and all necessary mounting hardware for a streamlined assembly process.

Designed with the latest 3-axis technology, this DIY kit can be used to cut materials up to 12mm thick like wood, plastic acrylics, and PVC boards. The spindle motor allows speeds up to 8000rpm while providing stronger torque for tougher jobs such as aluminum cutting or engraving on steel surfaces. Moreover, it supports both GRBL software and the offline controller via USB port so you can easily preview cuts and avoid mistakes by simulating them before any actual operation takes place.

Overall, the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit provides a great combination of affordability and reliability that will support even complex CNC routing jobs with ease. With its advanced technology features such as adjustable speed control and overload protection for longer tool life, this is one of the best DIY kits available on the market today.

Features of the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit has numerous features that make it an ideal choice for those looking to build their routing projects. With a maximum working area of 300 x 180 x 45mm (11.81″x 7.08″x1.77″) and a spindle speed range from 8000-10000rpm, this kit is perfect for engraving, cutting, carving, milling, and other routing projects. It is constructed of an aluminum alloy frame with a black oxidation surface treatment for improved durability and attractive appearance. The kit also includes an upgraded offline controller with an LCD screen which can be used to control the router remotely via G-code files.

The CNC Router DIY Kit also comes with a 775 spindle motor that generates greater torque than traditional spindle motors which makes it capable of harder materials such as acrylic, PVC, wood, and more. The optimal cutting depth is 0-3mm (0.12″), allowing you to create precise cuts and engravings on your projects without compromising accuracy or quality. It also includes a double Y-axis drive which provides smoother motion than single Y-axis systems resulting in finer details in your creations whether they are intricate designs or complex patterns. Additionally, the kit comes with several other items such as the stepper motor driver, power supply, switch plate, and screws so you can get started right away on your project without having to worry about assembling everything separately.

Benefits of Using the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is an ideal tool for any woodworker or hobbyist who wants to make detailed and precise cuts. With its easy-to-follow instruction manual, users can quickly learn how to use the machine and achieve their desired results in no time.

This CNC router kit has an upgraded machining area of 300mm x 180mm x 45mm that allows you to make intricate designs with ease. The adjustable speed control on the spindle motor gives users flexibility in creating smooth, accurate cuts at different speeds. Additionally, the adjustable four-slot clamping system keeps your workpiece firmly in place while cutting or engraving.

The CNC router also comes with a 2.5W laser module which enables users to engrave designs onto materials such as wood, acrylics, paper, and more with precision and accuracy. This feature makes it easy to customize projects without having to manually carve them out by hand.

Finally, the open-source software used with the machine is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems so you can design your projects from anywhere. The upgrade version of this CNC router makes it easier than ever for anyone to create stunning works of art from materials found around the home or workshop.

What’s Included in the Kit and What You Need to Know

CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit Review

This kit contains all the components you need to build a desktop CNC router that is capable of cutting and engraving on a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, acrylic, and other materials. Included in the kit are:

– A robust aluminum frame with adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces.

– An integrated power supply for powering the stepper motors.

– An efficient spindle motor for precise cutting and engraving capabilities.

– Three Nema 17 stepper motors for operating each axis of motion.

– An Arduino-based controller board for controlling the motion of the motors and receiving commands from your computer.

– A data cable to connect the board to your computer.

– Limit switches on each axis which are used to detect when the motor has reached its maximum travel limit for added safety and precision.

– An ER11 collet set that can accommodate a variety of tools ranging from 3mm up to 13mm in size.

– A customized GRBL firmware preloaded onto the controller board which allows users to operate their machines using Gcode commands sent from most CAD/CAM software programs like Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, or other software packages.

– And last but not least, detailed assembly instructions along with tutorials and helpful tips on how to get started with your machine!

Setting Up the Machine and Making Your First Cuts

This kit allows users to quickly and easily set up a CNC router, with its pre-assembled components that are easy to configure and install. The included controller board features high-precision stepper motors, allowing it to achieve maximum performance on all materials. The mechanical parts have been designed with accuracy and durability in mind, making them ideal for long-term use.

To get started, the first step is to assemble the router frame with the help of supplied hardware and instructions. Once complete, the next step is connecting the electronics – including powering up the controller board, connecting limit switches, and wiring up stepper motors. Users can then utilize the included software drivers to upload G-code commands to their machine.

After setup is complete, users can then begin making their first cuts! To do this, simply attach a bit of your choice to the cutting head spindle. Then, choose a material for your project and adjust the settings on your controller board according to its specifications – such as speed and feed rate. Finally: set up your workpiece securely in place and press start! With enough practice, you’ll soon be able to produce professional results from your very own CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit!

Designing with Fusion 360 and Using the Auto-Leveling Feature

Designing with Fusion 360 and using the auto-leveling feature with the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit can make creating intricate designs easier than ever before. With its powerful design features, Fusion 360 allows users to create stunning 3D models that are precise and accurate, without having to manually level the machine.

The Auto-Leveling feature of the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit uses an internal sensor to detect irregularities in the surface on which you’re working, making it easy for you to ensure that your machine is properly leveled before beginning a project. This saves time and frustration as you don’t have to worry about re-leveling your machine each time you rework or modify a project.

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit also comes with several other advanced features that make it even easier to complete projects quickly and accurately. The kit includes a spindle speed controller that allows users to adjust the cutting speed of their router depending on the material they’re working with, as well as a safety shield for protection from small objects flying through the air during operation. Furthermore, it has an aluminum alloy frame for increased durability and rigidity, meaning that your designs will remain accurate throughout their lifespan.

Overall, Fusion 360 combined with the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit can make creating detailed projects simple and quick. With its powerful design capabilities, user-friendly interface, and advanced features like auto-leveling and spindle speed control, this kit is sure to be a valuable addition to any hobbyist or professional woodworker’s toolkit.

Working with Different Materials on the Machine

Working with different materials with the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is an exciting and rewarding experience. With this versatile tool, you can create intricate shapes, contours, and artwork out of almost any material imaginable. The upgraded 3018 Pro CNC Router comes with a wide variety of features that allow you to precisely cut and shape materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and even copper. Thanks to its strong spindle motor and durable body structure, it won’t be limited in terms of the size or type of projects you can tackle.

One great advantage of using the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router is its ability to work with many types of materials quickly and accurately. It’s equipped with adjustable speed settings up to 100mm/min enabling you to easily tailor your projects for a variety of needs. Additionally, the Laser Module gives users even more control over their cuts by allowing them to engrave letters or symbols into their pieces. This adds another level of customization that helps bring projects to life.

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router also includes a range of safety features such as emergency stop buttons which help protect both operators and their machines from potential harm. Additionally, the high-quality build ensures that your tools remain stable while in use so that accuracy is not compromised when cutting intricate shapes or making detailed designs. Finally, it has an efficient dust collection system built-in that helps keep your workspace clean while minimizing any mess created during operation.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the Machine

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is a great tool for anyone looking to get into the world of CNC carving and routing. However, like any machinery, some common issues can arise with this product. With a few simple troubleshooting tips, it’s easy to get your project back on track and running smoothly.

One issue that often plagues owners of the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is difficulty getting the machine to correctly interpret g-code commands. This can be caused by incorrect or outdated firmware, so make sure you have the latest version installed on your machine. Additionally, ensure that you’re using a compatible operating system for your computer when transmitting g-code instructions to the router.

Another common issue with the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is inaccurate cutting depth. This can be due to incorrect or worn-out bits, so always inspect your bits before use and replace them as necessary. Additionally, make sure to double-check all measurements such as tool height and bit diameter before beginning a project to ensure accurate results every time.

Finally, users of this kit may experience clogging or jamming in their router while working with certain materials such as wood or acrylics. To help prevent this issue from occurring, make sure all material pieces are free from dust or debris before starting each project, and also use lubricants on your router if needed. Additionally, regularly cleaning out dust build-up from inside your router after each project will help keep it running efficiently and smoothly.

Pros and Cons of Using the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit

This kit provides users with an excellent introduction to the world of CNC technology, allowing them to create detailed and intricate patterns and designs using a range of cutting tools.


– The kit provides a comprehensive set of tools that make it easy for beginners to get started with their projects. The included instructions are straightforward to follow, providing step-by-step guidance through the entire process.

– The upgrade version comes with more powerful motors and a higher quality controller board than the standard edition, giving users access to greater accuracy and performance.

– With its open-source software environment, users can customize the machine’s settings as needed to meet their particular needs.

– It supports different types of materials such as wood, plastic, stone, and even metal.

– The build quality is excellent for its price point, making this kit well worth the investment.


– Assembling the kit does require some mechanical aptitude; it is not recommended for complete novices when it comes to working with machinery and electronics.

– Some components may need more frequent replacement over time compared to other models on the market due to their lower-end parts.

– It requires additional resources if you want its full potential; you will have to buy extra cords or motors depending on your desired applications.

Comparison of the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit to Other Brands of CNC Routers

The CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is an excellent choice for those who are interested in learning the basics of CNC routing. It provides a great starting point for amateurs and can be upgraded with additional features as experience grows. With its open-source design, users can customize their machine according to their needs and budget. The kit comes with a powerful 24V DC spindle motor, a high-precision stepper motor driver, and a GRBL control board that can connect to any computer.

This router is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for beginners. Compared to other brands of CNC routers, the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit offers exceptional value for money as it includes all the necessary components and parts at a very reasonable price. It also has an excellent cutting capacity, allowing users to create complex shapes from materials such as wood, plastic, foam, metal, etc.

In terms of accuracy, the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit outperforms most competitors with its precision stepping motor controller providing 0.01mm accuracy on all three axes (X-Y-Z). Additionally, the GRBL control board allows users to adjust speed settings according to their requirements while safety features like emergency stop ensure that operations are carried out safely and without harm.

Overall, the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is an excellent choice for those who want to learn how to use this technology without breaking the bank. Its user-friendly design makes it perfect for beginners while also offering enough customization options for more experienced users. With its superior accuracy and reliable performance at an affordable price point, this router truly stands out from other brands of CNC routers in the market today.

  • Producer: Changzhou Rattm Motor Co., Ltd

CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router Kit, GRBL Offline Controller, 3 Axis Limit Switches, Emergency Stop. – DIY Mini Desktop Cutting Wood Acrylic PVC PCB Engraving Milling Machine


  • ♞ Upgrade 3018 Pro with XYZ limitation switches & & E-stop Mini CNC machine tiny dimension, lightweight, USB user interface, GRBL control systems, fantastic CNC router machine for beginners; Upgraded machine with offline controller, emergency stop button and also XYZ axis limitation switches.
  • ♞ Working location 11.8″” x 7.1″” x 1.8″”; Frame size: 16.53″” x13.78″” x 10.63″”; Type: USB Port mini desktop computer CNC router Spindle 775 spindle motor (12-36V) DC24V:10000 r/min Stepper Motor Nema17 stepper electric motor,1.3 A, torque 0.25 N.m
  • ♞ System requirements Windows XP SP3, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 (32/64 can be) Linux; Can’t support Apple/Mac product.
  • ♞ GRBL Software Our parcel includes a 4G USB flash drive, it includes the installment directions, user handbook as well as GRBL software application.
  • ♞ Main application Can be etched plastic, leather, acrylic, PVC, PCB, timber, and so on product, likewise can deal with soft steel like copper, brass, aluminum, and also various other similar steel materials, but cannot carve tough metal, jade or various other extremely difficult materials.

Producer Info

  • Part Number: Upgraded-3018-Pro
  • Model: Upgraded-3018-Pro

Final Thoughts on the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit

To conclude this review, we can’t help but say that CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit is a great choice for those who are interested in learning the basics of CNC routing. Its easy-to-assemble design and comprehensive instruction manual make it an ideal starter kit for beginners. With its wide range of features and functions, this router will help you create professional quality projects with ease. Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to start your own business, this router can meet all your needs and give you the best possible results. So if you’re ready to take on some exciting new challenges with woodworking or metal working, then consider investing in the CNCTOPBAOS Upgrade 3018 Pro CNC Router DIY Kit today!

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