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Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with Mach3 Control Review

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Amazon Price: $299.00 (as of December 5, 2023 8:34 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Are you familiar with CNC machining? If not, no worries – the technology can seem a bit complex to those just getting started. But still, if you’re looking for precision and accuracy in your shop cutouts and engravings over traditional hand-held tools like routers, then having your own CNC router machine may be something worth considering. Fortunately, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is an entry-level option that includes all of its components in one package – as well as powerful Mach3 software control for seamless operation. In this review, I’ll go through everything included in the package from design and construction details to final verdicts on performance and practicality so you can make an informed decision about whether the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is right for your projects.

Overview of Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer

The Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is the perfect machine for any beginner or hobbyist looking to get into CNC machining. It offers amazing value for its price, with many features you wouldn’t find on more expensive machines. This machine has a work area of 300mm x 180mm x 45mm (12”x7”x1.8”) and runs on a 300W brushless DC motor that produces enough power to take on a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, PVC, acrylic, aluminum alloy and more. It also comes with an integrated GRBL control board which makes it easy to connect to your computer and run your projects without having to buy additional controllers.

The Genmitsu is designed with DIYers in mind, featuring a simple design and easy assembly so almost anyone can put it together in no time at all. Included with the router is a user-friendly offline controller that allows you to quickly jog and operate the machine without needing a computer connection. Furthermore, its ergonomic design provides superior comfort while operating the machine for long periods of time. All in all, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is an outstanding value for any beginner or hobbyist looking to get started in CNC machining!

Advantages and disadvantages of Mach3 Control Software

The Mach3 Control Software is a powerful and flexible program for controlling the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer. It offers a range of customization options, allowing users to set up the machine to their exact specifications for various projects. The software also includes several features that make it easy to use, such as an intuitive user interface and real-time visualization of cutting paths.

One advantage of using Mach3 Control Software is its ability to produce very precise movements. By programming the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with the Mach3 software, users can create highly accurate cuts and designs that match their exact specifications. This allows them to create complex shapes without wasting material or time on unnecessary mistakes.

Another benefit of using Mach3 Control Software is its compatibility with other programs and devices. Users can easily connect their computers or laptops directly to the router via USB cables, allowing them to more effectively carry out complex tasks without having to manually enter commands each time they want to change settings or manipulate data. Additionally, Mach3 Control Software is compatible with G-Code files, which means users can take advantage of existing 3D models or store completed projects in digital libraries for future reference or modifications.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with Mach3 Control Software as well. First off, it may not be suitable for beginners due to its complexity and steep learning curve; it may require hours of practice before one can effectively use all the features included in this software package. Secondly, because it requires hardware components like stepper motors and drivers, users must factor these additional costs into their plans before purchasing a Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer equipped with Mach3 Control Software. Finally, although updates are available regularly from the makers of this software package, there may still be glitches or bugs present when running certain operations on certain machines that need immediate fixing before finishing any project tasks assigned by the user.
Let’s explore the pros and cons of utilizing Mach3 Control Software.
Overall, while there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with using Mach3 Control Software for the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer, many users find that this software provides them with an efficient way to quickly create complex designs and cuts accurately without wasting time or resources on manual inputting commands and data each time they want to adjust settings or manipulate data stored digitally in libraries for future reference or modifications.

Set-up guide for Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer

This guide provides a step-by-step process for setting up the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer. This machine is designed to provide precision cuts with fast speeds, making it ideal for woodworking and other small-scale projects. With the right preparation and setup, you can get your machine up and running in no time.

First, unbox the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer and check for any signs of damage such as cracked or missing components. If everything looks good, then you’ll need to assemble the machine frame. Begin by attaching the two main side panels using the provided bolts and nuts. Once finished, attach the X rail guide along one side of the machine frame and the Y rail guide along the other side. Make sure that these are securely installed before continuing with assembly.

Next, mount the Z-axis module onto one end of the frame using the four screws provided in your kit. The Z axis is responsible for controlling cutting height, so make sure that it is securely mounted in place before proceeding further. Once all of this is complete, you’ll need to install your spindle motor onto your router mount plate.

Once you have assembled all of these components, use a power drill to secure them into place on each corner of the base frame with four screws provided in your kit. When everything is secured properly, connect all of your wires according to their labeled ports on your power supply box. When done correctly, all connections should be snugly fit into place without any exposed wires protruding out from either end. To make sure that everything has been connected correctly, switch on your power supply box and test if your motors are operating properly by turning them manually via their control knobs found near their respective wire labels.

The last step involves connecting all components to create a working CNC router system: connect both motor drivers to their corresponding ports on your control board; plug in all wiring from each component into its designated port; connect stepper drive cables from each motor driver to their respective motor cables; plug in a USB cable from an external computer into an available USB port; and finally turn on both power switches located near your control board panel and stepper drive board panel respectively – this will enable communication between both boards as well as allowing manual commands from an external computer over a USB link while providing power supply to all motors directly linked to either board. Congratulations! You now have an operational Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer ready for you to begin making complex cuts with incredible precision!

Step-by-step guide to creating a 3D object using the machine

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with Mach3 Control Review

Creating a 3D object with the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is easy and fun. It is a great tool for hobbyists, professionals, and makers of all ages. To get started, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Connect the router machine to your computer using the USB cable provided. Make sure that the machine is powered on and ready to go.

2. Download and install a software program for controlling the machine, such as Grbl Controller or Universal G Code Sender. This will allow you to send commands to the router from your computer.

3. Create a 3D model of your desired object in your preferred CAD software, such as Fusion 360 or Inkscape. Ensure that the dimensions of your model match those of your project materials so that it fits correctly when cut out by the router machine.

4. Use an appropriate CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) program to convert your 3D model into G-code commands, which can be sent directly to the CNC router machine for cutting out parts from material like wood or plastic. Examples of CAM programs include MeshCAM and Autodesk HSMworks CAM Express Edition.

5. Set up any necessary work-holding devices such as clamps or mounts onto the table of the router machine, together with whatever materials you intend to use for cutting out parts (e.g., wood boards). Be sure to secure them in place before continuing with any further steps!

6. Input all necessary settings into the control software for cutting out your 3D parts (such as feed rate, spindle speed, etc.). Make sure that everything is set correctly before sending commands over to start cutting!

7. Once all settings have been configured properly and everything is ready, send over G-code commands from your computer over the connection cable – this will start up movement on part of the router machine according to instructions given by G-code commands sent from the computer earlier on! Keep track of progress throughout the whole process – if there are any missteps taken while cutting out objects then it’s important to notice those right away & stop the process order make adjustments accordingly before continuing onwards & finishing the workpiece properly.

After the job be sure double check the finished product against the original design specifications – once confirmed successful final step consists of simply clearing off the table area afterward & disconnecting the router from the computer afterward too! Working with Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer should prove an enjoyable experience for anyone willing to put in some effort to create their own unique projects.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips for the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer

The Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is a powerful tool for woodworkers and hobbyists alike but can be daunting to use if you haven’t used a machine like this before. To make sure that your experience with the machine is as smooth and successful as possible, it’s important to understand how to troubleshoot and maintain it properly.

When troubleshooting the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer, it’s important to first check for any loose connections or other mechanical issues. Make sure all components are securely connected and tightened, including any wires or cables. If there are any visible signs of damage or corrosion on any parts of the machine, be sure to replace those components immediately. Additionally, check for sufficient power supply—if the power supply isn’t consistent or reliable, you may have difficulty operating the machine.

In addition to checking for mechanical issues, it’s also key to make sure that all software programs are up to date so that they work properly with the machine. Be sure to regularly update firmware and drivers, as these are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of your router machine. Also, take care not to overload the system by running too many processes at once—this can cause your machine to freeze up or run slowly.

To ensure optimal performance from your Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer over time, regular maintenance is essential. Regularly clean dust off of external surfaces and internal parts using compressed air; this keeps dust from clogging up motor shafts and bearings which can reduce performance or even cause failure in some cases. It’s also important to lubricate moving parts such as rails and lead screws to reduce friction and wear on both components themselves as well as related electronics. Finally, check for alignment issues periodically—any misalignment of moving parts can result in inaccurate cuts or projects taking longer than expected due to having move-backtrack corrections when cutting materials.

By following these tips for troubleshooting and maintenance on your Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer you will be able to maximize its performance over its lifespan!

Comparison of Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer Against Similar Models from Other Manufacturers

The Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a high-precision workshop tool to their arsenal. With its powerful, yet compact design, the machine can easily be incorporated into any size workspace. Its sturdy aluminum frame and steel guide rails ensure stable and accurate cuts with each pass.

In comparison to similar models from other manufacturers, the Genmitsu model stands out for its reliability and durability. The motor can provide a maximum of 12000 RPM, which makes it ideal for more demanding projects such as wood carving or light metal engraving. Additionally, this model features integrated CAM software that allows users to produce complex 3D shapes and designs without any previous programming experience.

Moreover, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is easy to use and maintain due to its user-friendly interface. This model also features a multifunctional control panel with multiple functions like jogging speed control, emergency stop button, real-time spindle speed reading, and others. The self-locking nuts on each of the axes make it easy to adjust the cutting depth or speed without having to use any tools for extra security. Finally, this machine comes with several accessories such as dust cover protection plates which help protect your workspace from dust particles during operation.

Overall, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer provides exceptional performance and reliability that make it a great choice compared to similar models from other manufacturers. It is highly adaptable and customizable to suit different users’ needs while providing precision results every time – thus making it an ideal choice for all levels of users!

Pros and Cons of the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer

The Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is an excellent choice for hobbyists, woodworkers, and schools alike who are looking to explore the exciting world of CNC machining. As with any machine of this sort, there are some pros and cons associated with the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer that should be taken into consideration.

One major pro for the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is its affordability. For a relatively low cost, you get access to a router that can handle many different tasks while still maintaining accuracy and precision. This makes it an ideal choice for those just starting out in CNC machining who want to explore the field without making a large financial commitment. Additionally, its small size makes it easy to store and transport around for projects that require portability.

Another benefit of the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is its ease of use. Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly and easily set up their settings so they can begin working right away without having to spend time learning complicated software or hardware systems. It also includes features such as an adjustable speed control knob and spindle speed settings which make operation easier than ever before.

The downside to using the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer is that it can only handle light materials such as wood, plastic, foam, etc., and may not be suitable for more complex projects that require heavier metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. Additionally, because it runs on stepper motors instead of servo motors like high-end machines do, it may not have as precise a cut compared to other machines available on the market today. Furthermore, some users have reported issues with jamming during extended periods of use which can limit its functionality over time.

Overall, when it comes down to it, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer can be an excellent choice for hobbyists or schools looking to explore the world of CNC machining on a budget without sacrificing quality results or usability. However, care must be taken when selecting your project materials so you don’t run into any issues with jamming or subpar results from less powerful motors compared to higher-end machines available today.

  • Brand: Genmitsu
  • Producer: Genmitsu


  • Built for Power Users: Compatible with Mach3, Drufel CNC, the 3018-PROVer Mach3 CNC machine is best for customers who are looking to construct CNC skills or have had previous experience with Mach software program. Efficient in Canned cycles for pre-programmed actions and also various other advanced features not available via open-source GRBL.
  • Pre-assembled: It is primarily pre-assembled and also no hassle with basic arrangement taking less than 30 mins out of the box. Updated with the All-Aluminum body as well as take advantage of the added stability for milling a broader series of products while also making clean up even much easier with acrylic safety frustrates to help have dirt as well as give a security obstacle.
  • Controller Board: It’s suitable for Mach3 and Drufel CNC and supports the Windows system. The spindle electric motor user interface can be linked to DC motors which can up to 100W, as well as additionally appropriate for 775 spindle electric motors. (Please note that “” 3018-PROver”” and “” 3018-PROver Mach3″” are not the exact same design. “” 3018-PROver Mach3″” has a similar look to “” 3018-PROver””, yet it works with the Mach3 system.)
  • Auto Tool Zero: With one mouse click, 3018-PROVer Mach3 will instantly go back to a predefined position, enabling you to easily transform as well as calibrate your devices.
  • Versatile: Capable of reducing all types of plastics, woods, soft aluminum, acrylics, PVCs, and PCBs, 3018-PROVer Mach3 can be utilized on a wide variety of tasks and also materials. The open design with an efficient engraving area of 260 x 155 x 35mm (10.2 x 6.1 x 1.4″) permits you to work with also bigger pieces with fewer limits.

Supplier Info

  • PartNumber: 3018-MX3

Final Verdict on the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with Mach3 Control

Overall, with its combination of power, accuracy and ease-of-use, the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with Mach3 Control is a great choice for hobbyists and small business owners alike. For a reasonable price, you get an array of features that can help pave the way to more creative projects. Its convenience and user friendly interface make it simple even for novices to get up and running quickly. While there are some minor issues to consider, overall the machine has consistently proven itself to be reliable and functional for both basic and more advanced uses. So if you’re in the market for an affordable cutter that combines quality with affordability, take a look at the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with Mach3 Control! But act fast, because these machines often sell out quickly!

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