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HYYKJ-US CNC Router Engraver 4 Axis USB 1.5KW VFD 6040 Review

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Amazon Price: $1,219.99 (as of September 26, 2023 7:02 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Overview of the HYYKJ-US CNC Router Engraver 4 Axis USB 1.5KW VFD 6040

The HYYKJ-US CNC Router Engraver 4 Axis USB 1.5KW VFD 6040 is a professional all-in-one engraving and cutting machine that can be used to work with both metal and wood materials. The device has an expansive 400mm x 600mm working area, making it suitable for larger projects including furniture or industrial parts. It also features a variable speed spindle motor reaching up to 18000RPM so you can have precision cuts at higher speeds. On the whole, this CNC router engraver offers great performance power and accuracy at an affordable price range which makes it perfect as either your first or next step in creating beautiful works of art from wood and metal alike.

What Makes the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver Stand Out from Other Models

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is a versatile and powerful machine that stands out from other models due to its capabilities. It provides an impressive 12000rpm spindle, which enables it to work with a variety of materials with precision and speed. Additionally, the engraver has an adjustable Z-axis that can accommodate materials of various thicknesses. This allows for more intricate and detailed designs compared to traditional engraving machines.

Moreover, this model is also equipped with a controller board that allows for advanced operation functions, such as controlling the rate of feed during engraving, as well as taking up multiple tasks at once. The router has two separate sources of power – one for the spindle motor and one for the stepper motors – so you can get more efficient results without diminishing your machine’s lifespan.

This CNC router engraver also features built-in safety features that help protect against accidental injury or damage to the user or machine itself. These include emergency stop buttons, protective covers, and a robust frame made from alloy steel which ensures both stability when in use and durability over time. With all these features combined, the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver stands out from other models in terms of its performance, versatility, quality, and safety standards.

HYYKJ-US CNC Router Engraver 4 Axis USB 1.5KW VFD 6040 Review

An In-Depth Look at the Features on the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is a powerful and versatile machine, designed to provide precise, efficient results for a range of applications. This router engraver offers a wide range of features, including high-speed cutting capabilities, an adjustable spindle motor speed of up to 24000 RPM, and an advanced control system that enables easy operation.

This router engraver also has a built-in dust extraction system to keep the workspace clean and safe during operations. It has an optimized cooling system to ensure maximum performance without overheating or damaging parts. The machine offers a large working area with a X Y Z Axis travel distance of 400x400x100mm. It has high accuracy with a repeatability of 0.01mm which makes it suitable for any project requiring minute details and perfection in design.

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver also comes with several useful accessories such as collets for tool holders, power clamps, and wrenches for holding tools securely in place during operation. The machine can be connected to computers via USB or Ethernet ports, allowing users to design their projects on software programs like CAD/CAM before the machining process begins.

This all-in-one CNC router engraver is designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries including woodworking, automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, jewelry making, and more. Its robust construction makes it reliable and long-lasting while its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can use it without needing expert help. With its combination of high power output and precision cutting capabilities, the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create professional quality results with ease.

Pros and Cons of the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver


– Cost: The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is one of the more affordable engravers available on the market. This makes it accessible for most hobbyists who don’t want to invest too much money into their projects.

– Ease of Setup: The setup process for this CNC router is extremely straightforward and can be done by almost anyone with basic knowledge of computers. It comes with detailed instructions that make it easy to understand how to use the device.

– Precision: The accuracy of cuts produced by this engraver is incredibly precise; down to 0.01mm in some cases. This allows users to craft intricate patterns without any worry about errors or imperfections in their design.

– Versatility: The HYYKJ-US6040 CNC Router Engraver is compatible with many different materials, giving users a wide range of possibilities when creating their projects. From wood and metal to acrylics and plastics, this machine can handle just about anything you throw at it.


– Limited Capacity: While this machine does offer impressive cutting capabilities, its size limits its capacity somewhat; it has a maximum cutting area of 600 mm x 400 mm which may not be enough for larger projects such as furniture pieces or large sculptures.

– Noise Level: Unfortunately, due to the nature of its operations, the HYYKJ-US6040 CNC Router Engraver can be quite loud when running at full speed; ear protection should always be worn while operating this device.

– Accessory Costs: Along with its relatively low purchase price, accessories such as tool holders and clamps also add up over time which can increase the overall cost of using this machine significantly if purchased separately from the unit itself.

How to Use the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver in Different Applications

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications. It features an industrial-grade cutting speed of up to 6000 mm per minute and can even handle materials such as aluminum or steel with high precision. The engraver also has adjustable cutting depths, allowing for different levels of detail and customization.

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver has a range of applications in both the manufacturing industry and the hobbyist sector. In the manufacturing world, it can be used for 3D metal prototyping and rapid product development through the precise cutting of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and other metals. The engraver is also used extensively in the automotive industry for creating intricate parts with detailed designs.

In the hobbyist sector, the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver can be used to create customized parts for anything from drones and robots to RC cars and boats. It can also be used to create detailed signs or artwork made from wood or other materials. With its easy-to-use software interface, hobbyists can quickly design their projects and then let the engraver do the hard work without any hiccups.

For those looking to customize or make their own products at home, the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is an invaluable tool that will help them achieve professional results quickly and easily. With its powerful cutting speeds and adjustable depths, it can create precise cuts that would otherwise take hours if done manually. As such, many people are turning to this type of engraving machine as an affordable way to create intricate designs with ease.

Tips for Achieving Best Results with the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver

The HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver is a powerful machine for creating intricate shapes and designs with precision and accuracy. To ensure the best results, several tips should be kept in mind while operating this device.

First, make sure that your craftsmanship is up to par before beginning any project on the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver. Properly measure out each piece of material that will be needed and prepare any templates or patterns you may need ahead of time. Taking the extra step to properly plan can save you time and hassle in the long run.

Next, it’s important to use appropriate tooling when operating the HYYKJ-US 6040 CNC Router Engraver. Different materials require different cutting heads and other tooling, so make sure that you select the right ones for your project. If using plastic or aluminum materials, high-speed steel (HSS) cutters should be used; if utilizing softer wood, carbide-tipped cutters will work best.

When working with a CNC router engraver such as the HYYKJ-US 6040, it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Make sure that protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves are worn during operation, as well as proper clothing that fits properly and doesn’t have loose ends which could become caught by machine parts while in motion. Also, be sure to follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully before beginning any project with the router engraver.

Finally, regular maintenance should be performed on the device to ensure optimal performance and longevity of its parts and components. This includes cleaning debris off of internal components after each use; ensuring lubrication levels are at optimal levels; checking for loose screws or connections; replacing dull drill bits or cutters; and always disconnecting power after every use until ready for the next use. With these simple tips in mind, achieving great results from your CNC router engraving projects is possible!

  • Brand: HYYKJ-US
  • Maker: LianDu-US


  • ENGRAVER MACHINE PARAMETERS(Note: When you receive this machine, please contact us to send you the Operation Video and Mach3 Software.] X Y Z Working Area (Y * X * Z): 600 * 390 * 120mm; Outside measurement (L * W * H): 865 * 680 * 570mm; Table size (Y * X): 770 * 490mm; Lathe Structure: 6061/6063 Aluminum Alloy; Max. Feeding Height: ≤ 100mm.
  • CONTROL BOX PARAMETERS Operating Voltage: AIR CONDITIONER 110V; Control device: Toroidal transformer + PWM power supply component + TB6560 stepping electric motor drive; Computer connection: USB port; Command code: G code; Protection: Emergency quit switch.
  • COSTS MACHINE The 1.5 KW water-cooled VFD is offered to operate for a long period of time, which can reinforce the processing ability of the machine as well as can be used to refine aluminum alloy, as well as tough timber, water cooling spindle, functions a lot more secure and also long-lasting. Top quality accurate ball Screws drive makes the engraving more precise. Anti-black flash, high accuracy, lengthy life circle.
  • WORK WITH VARIOUS MATERIALS This Engraving machine can deal with numerous products(metallic & & non-metallic), such as: timber, PMMA or other plastic, MDF board, indigenous wood, PVC, Acrylic, wood, composite board plywood and soft steel, like aluminum, copper and also silver to inscribe them into 3D/2D functions and so on.

Producer Info

  • Part Number: 1500W-6040TUSB

Item Info

  • Shade: With Remote Controller

All in all, the HYYKJ-US CNC Router Engraver 4 Axis USB 1.5KW VFD 6040 is a great pick for those just starting out their journey into the world of CNC machines, both for hobbyists and professionals alike. In addition to being high quality, reliable, and easy to use, it also offers customization options with features like the spindle speed control knob and VFD motor drive converter that other comparable models do not have. If you’re looking for a powerful router engraver that fits your budget without sacrificing performance or accuracy, this is a great machine to look into. Don’t hesitate to take your experience with CNC fabrication to new heights with this top-tier model today! With its top-notch design and cutting edge technology, it’s no wonder why these machines are so popular! Supplies won’t last forever though so get yours now before they sell out.

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