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MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router Review

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Amazon Price: $499.00 $409.00 You save: $90.00 (18%) (as of September 26, 2023 8:30 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Are you looking to take your woodworking projects to the next level? The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router promises a reliable and precise cutting performance that will make it easy for even novice users to achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort. With an array of features like adjustable speed control, automatic tool calibration, and easy integration with popular software products, this machine is ready to meet all of your woodworking needs — without breaking the bank! Read on for our in-depth review of this powerful yet compact router!

Overview of MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is the perfect solution for woodworking projects that require a precise, professional finish. Utilizing advanced computer numerical control (CNC) technology, this router can easily cut intricate designs into a wide variety of materials. The machine is equipped with a powerful motor to ensure smooth and accurate cutting operations, and its aluminum alloy construction makes it a strong and durable tool for any workshop.

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router has an adjustable speed range of up to 60000 RPM. Its spindle can also be adjusted within ±45° for optimum accuracy when carving intricate patterns or shapes in hardwoods, softwoods, and plastics. This router’s ergonomic design allows for comfortable operation during extended use. Additionally, the included software can be used to generate detailed 3D models with ease.

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router also features a host of safety measures including automatic overload protection, an emergency stop button, and safety lock-outs to prevent accidental operation. The machine’s coolant system helps keep the cutting bit cool during long periods of use while also preventing dust from entering the motor area and damaging internal components. Plus, the router is compatible with various CAM technologies such as G-Code, Heidenhain TNC programming language, and CAD software programs like AutoCAD or Fusion 360.

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is a powerful and precise routing solution for any workshop environment thanks to its advanced capabilities and extensive safety features. Whether you are creating detailed furniture pieces or complex carvings in various kinds of wood, this top-of-the-line router will provide excellent results every time!

Advantages and Disadvantages of the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is a reliable and affordable tool for woodworkers. It has several advantages, including its ease of use, accuracy, and precision. The machine can cut various materials such as hardwood, softwood, plastics, and aluminum with ease and accuracy.

One advantage of the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is its user-friendly interface. The device is highly intuitive and allows users to quickly adjust settings to suit their needs. This makes it ideal for novice woodworkers who are looking to expand their capabilities without investing in more complex tools. Additionally, the wood router also comes with a comprehensive user manual that offers step-by-step instructions on how to use the device safely and effectively.

Another benefit of the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is its accuracy and precision when cutting materials. This machine uses four-axis motion control technology to ensure accurate cuts every time. Furthermore, the machine’s spindle speed can be adjusted according to the type of material being cut for even greater accuracy.

In terms of disadvantages, one potential issue with the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is that it requires some setup before use. This includes ensuring that all components are properly installed and connected before beginning a project. Additionally, because this machine utilizes computer numerical control (CNC) technology, users must be familiar with computer programming to operate it effectively and maximize its potential benefits.

Overall, though the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router has some drawbacks, these features are outweighed by its numerous advantages including ease of use, accuracy, precision, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive user manual. With proper knowledge and care this machine can provide an excellent tool for woodworking projects.

Unboxing and Setup Process for MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router

Unboxing and setup of the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is a fast and easy process. Upon opening the box, you will find the router system safely packaged in bubble wrap and foam for added protection. Inside you will find all the necessary components for assembly, including a detailed user manual with easy-to-follow instructions.

To begin, take out the main body of the router and place it on a flat surface. It is important to ensure there are no nearby objects or debris that could interfere with the router’s operation. Next, attach the included power cord and plug it into an outlet to supply power to the device.

Once powered up, connect each of the four stepper motors to their designated ports on the back panel of the unit. These motors are responsible for powering each axis of movement in order to allow precise cutting operations. Connecting them is as simple as plugging in their respective cables into their corresponding jacks on the back panel.

From here, attach any necessary tools such as an end mill or drill bit onto your cutting head by loosening its collet nut using a collet wrench that comes with your kit. Now you are ready to start making cuts with your NEW MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router!

Care and Maintenance Tips for the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router

MYSWEETY 3020 Plus CNC Wood Router Review

Taking care of your MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is essential for ensuring it runs smoothly and safely. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your CNC router and ensure optimal performance. Here are some tips to help you maintain your router:

1. Make sure to regularly inspect the machine for any signs of wear or damage. Look for fraying wires, signs of corrosion, loose nuts, bolts, and screws, among other things. If any damage is present take the necessary steps to repair or replace the defective parts as needed.

2. Keep all moving parts lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant like WD-40 or TriFlow to reduce friction and prevent rust buildup. Make sure to check on the lubrication levels periodically and top them up as needed.

3. Clean out chips and debris in and around the machine at least once a week using an air blower or compressed air canister to make sure that dust doesn’t interfere with its operation or cause wear on its components over time. Be careful not to blow too much air near any electrical sensors, switches or connections as this could cause them to malfunction due to high-pressure changes.

4. Check the condition of your tools regularly and replace them if they show signs of wear such as chipped edges or dull surfaces that could impair their performance or even lead to accidents during operation.

5. Make sure all safety features such as doors, covers, and shields are present and properly functioning before operating your CNC router so you don’t put yourself at risk while working on projects with it.

By following these care and maintenance tips for your MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router you will be able to keep it running optimally for years to come!

Pros and Cons of the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Router

The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is a powerful and versatile machine that can be used to create intricate designs on wood, plastic, foam, and other materials. It has several benefits that make it an attractive choice for those looking for precision and control over their projects.


– Easy to use: The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is designed to be easy to operate, even if you have no prior experience with CNC technology. Its intuitive design makes it simple to set up and get started quickly.

– Precise results: This router is capable of producing very precise results thanks to its accurate cutting systems. It can be programmed for exact cuts in various materials with just the push of a button.

– Versatility: The MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router can handle different types of materials including wood, plastics, foam, and more. It can also be used for engraving as well as cutting out intricate shapes in projects.

– Durable construction: This router features robust construction which ensures long-term reliability so you can count on your projects being completed accurately each time.


– Expensive: This router is more expensive than some entry-level options on the market, but the additional cost is worth it for the quality of results it produces and its versatility capabilities.

– Limited Software compatibility: While this router supports a wide range of software programs, some users may find that they need to purchase additional software or upgrade existing programs to get the most from their machine.

  • Brand: MYSWEETY
  • Maker: MYSWEETY


  • High Power Spindle & & All-metal Body: This 3020 PLUS CNC machine is well built with all-metal body framework and upgraded 500W 52mm spindle with E11 collet, extra powerful and higher effectiveness, making it feasible to reduce stainless-steel, aluminum as well as various other steels
  • High Precision & & Stability: Without any type of plastic components. The CNC router is geared up with solid double steel direct guide rails which are 12mm thick and additionally featured birthing slides as well as well as T8 lead screws. All-metal X-Z axis part, as much as 73mm of vertical traveling, extra powerful stepper motor, every one of these are designed to ensure the activity of the 3-axis much faster as well as a lot more secure, causing improved etching precision
  • Larger Working Area: The working area of the 3020-PLUS router vs the 3018-PRO is larger, enhanced to 300 * 200 * 73mm(11.81 * 7.87 * 2.87 inch). Our functioning table with a certain appearance has specific scale lines as well as a level functioning surface, convenient for you to find and gauge the inscribing product dimension. And the high quality emergency quit and also 6 limit changes for well-rounded defense making it much more safe to use
  • Wide Compatibility & & Easy to Assembly: The CNC sculpting machine works with GRBL software program and also sustains Windows XP/7/8/ 10, Linux and also Mac OS (a bit a lot more challenging to run contrasted to Windows). This device is pre-assembled, It was simple to put together out of the box with succinct instructions
  • Bundle Included: Comes with every little thing you need. It’s: all components to put together the 3020 PLUS CNC machine, offline controller, Z-probe, CNC router bits, clamp, and more. This is a very durable, qualified machine, functions fantastically well. Additionally we are CNC professionals, If any type of questions, please contact us immediately!

Producer Info

  • PartNumber: 3020PLUS

Final Verdict on the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router

In summary, the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS CNC Wood Router is an ideal machine for woodworking and making highly detailed projects. This professional grade router has a sturdy aluminum body and top-notch speed control, making it an ideal choice for the budget-conscious carpenter. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing beginners to pick it up quickly and experienced users to work with ease. Its relatively small size makes it easy to store in even the smallest of spaces. The versatility of this machine makes it an excellent resource for almost all types of woodwork tasks. To top things off, MYSWEETY stands by their product with amazing customer service should you ever need help or advice on its operation or maintenance. If you’re looking for a high quality CNC Wood Router without breaking the bank, look no further than the MYSWEETY 3020 PLUS! So what are you waiting for? Get your machine before they are gone!

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